About Us

There’s something to be said about a warm, freshly baked cookie. But when that cookie is made in Grandma’s kitchen, it’s on a whole different level.

If there’s anything we’ve learned is that life is to short to sweat the small stuff. Louise (our grandmother) was an inspiration to so many people. Her passing was a moment of great sadness, but also on of great insight.

My sister Kathy, and I, started Grandma Griffin’s Kitchen at first to keep her legacy alive through sharing our favorite childhood recipe, her Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies. However, it’s evolved into so much more.

Kathy is a mom to 4 amazing kids, a sister, dog mom to two crazy pups and the most sincere person you’ll ever meet.

Jenn is a dog mom her self to two crazy dogs, owner and executive chef at Harvest to Home Personal Chef Services, LLC. our sister company. She’s a traveler at heart and the brains behind the delightful culinary combinations you’ll shop through on our site.